Greater Yellowstone Furniture

I began building furniture in about 1980 and was doing conventional style furniture. In the 1990's, I started building furniture using barnwood and logs. In 2002, Greater Yellowstone Furniture and Designs was created as I decided to design and build furniture on a full time basis and offer our products on the internet.

Greater Yellowstone Furniture and Designs was chosen as a name because we resource the logs and barnwood from this area. We use recycled barnwood and harvest dead trees for our furniture. The beauty of this area is world class and it is a wonderful place to live and work.

We, my wife Nancy and I, are very fortunate to be able to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world in our opinions. I enjoy my woodworking, so designing and building furniture and picture frames is a pleasure.

We also lovingly take down old buildings and barns and use that old wood to make the picture frames and table tops. The old log cabins that we take down and then restack onto other pieces of property is one of our favorites. Lots of people burn these old log cabins and barns, and it just breaks our hearts to see that. But, the log cabins that we can save, we do. Here is a picture of a log cabin that we bought from the owners so that they would not burn it. We did not know where we would restack it, but we knew the cabin would be born again. And, now it has a new home on 80 acres, along a creek, and in its new life is going to be a fishing cabin. No, it is not finished yet, but for many years to come, it will have a new purpose. That in itself is so rewarding!! A wonderful sight!!