Design Ideas for a Truly Masterful Bedroom

Don't forget the bedroom! "The bedroom tends to get forgotten - you spend all your money elsewhere in the house. You end up with a totally forgettable room that you don't want your best friend to see." - Michael Payne an interior designer recently reported to the Arizona Daily Star.

Rustic Pine Armoire

Bedrooms are typically the most intimate room of the house and usually the last to receive much needed decorating attention. When it comes right down to it, decorating dollars are generally spent on rooms where entertaining happens most often. While it's great to have friends and family over in a nicely furnished living room, dining room, or kitchen, it is very important to remember that you will be spending every night in your bedroom!

Some easy and cost effective ways to transform your bedroom into the intimate room it deserves to be, are to simply paint the room brightly, add window coverings, and softer, more welcoming lighting. These simple elements can quickly change a drab, boring room into the coziest room of the house!

Even with these changes in place, the bedroom can still feel unwelcoming if closet storage space is limited and the room is cluttered with undesirable, mismatched furniture. Adding functional and attractive storage furniture such as a rustic armoire, dressers, and nightstands, will not only make the room cozy and warm, but will keep items nicely organized. The rustic dresser creates an ideal place for photos, jewelry boxes, and decorations, while keeping clothing nicely organized and out of sight.

Adding a beautiful rustic armoire to the bedroom allows for both clothing storage and a convenient place to conceal a television, cable box, and DVD player. While a television is nice to have in the bedroom, it can also be an eye sore with all of the components and cabling that accompany it.

Next time you are ready to start a new project around the house, work on your bedroom! You will surely find yourself leaving the family room earlier than normal to go hang out in your newly found haven. Just think how envious your friends will be the next time they are over and you show off your newly decorated bedroom!