How to Make Your House Into a Rustic Showplace

By: Aynsley Kindig

Home decor is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to expressing yourself. Your home is a reflection of you. If you are down to earth, salt of the earth type of person then rustic home furnishings is the style you are looking for.

Rustic Living Room Furniture

Your living room is your opportunity to express who you are to your friends, family, and business associates. A choice of rustic furnishings conveys a message of peace, harmony and warmth, while more contemporary furnishings tell the story of someone more modern, edgy, and sophisticated. For example, the couch you choose can tell a story of comfort and security or one of ambition and style. At the same time, the chairs can express a strong yet subtle message of independence. A love seat can convey a sense of familiarity and family. No matter which pieces and which style you choose, you can be sure that your guests will leave knowing a little bit more about you.

Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture is a much more personal story. This is where your most intimate secrets are kept. The side of you that only a few individuals get to see is expressed here. Your romantic side, your whimsical nature, or your playful personality can shine through your choice in furniture in here. As you well know, accessories can make or break a look and the bedroom is no different. While the bed is considered the focal point of most bedrooms, the end tables, dresser, and armoire play an important supporting role. Don't neglect them!

Please know that these statements are a generalization, and not to be used as an accurate method of assessing an individuals' personality. However, there is always a cause for stereotypes, and your taste in home furnishings is just as important as where you place each piece of furniture.

The Message that Rustic Furniture Conveys...

Rustic furniture says a lot about the personality of the owner. Choosing a rustic look over a more contemporary or vintage style tells any guest that you are savvy, smart, stylish, and yet comfortable in your own skin. Rustic home furnishings convey a message of down to earth wholesomeness and purity.

Of course, personal taste isn't the only consideration when choosing a home dcor style. You must also consider your locale. For example, if you live in an a rural area where log cabins with mountain vistas or Midwest ranches permeate the real estate market, your choice of rustic dcor is almost etched in stone.

However, surfside hideaways, downtown flats, and urban high rises don't naturally lend themselves to rustic style dcor. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't surround yourself with rustic home furnishings, it simply means that your style will be unlike those of any of your closest neighbors. And there's nothing wrong with that. Your home is your haven.

Complexity and Putting the Pieces Together...

Don't limit your creativity with silly notions that your home furnishings should convey a theme. Your home should simply reflect you. Mixing and matching styles, including rustic, contemporary, vintage and more doesn't mean that you're lacking taste. It simply means that you are a complex and interesting individual. Feel free to experiment with color, texture, fabrics and styles. Make your house a place that you can truly call home. Nonetheless, rustic furniture is a great style of home decor which can blend with almost any other style of furniture and still look just as good, while still sending the a message of serenity.

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