An Introduction To Rustic Wooden Furniture

By: Kayla Berringer

Rustic wooden furniture basically refers to simple, natural and sturdy country style furniture designs that started gaining immense popularity during the late Victorian era. In the United States, the Old Hickory Chair Company in Indiana was one of the first and largest industries to manufacture rustic wooden furniture that started in 1892.

The rustic furniture style, which used to be based on coarser and simpler designs, has become more intricate and elegant today. A lot of care has now been taken to add more detailed texture, charm and flair to the rustic furniture design without losing its original sophistication and classical effect. There are a wide variety of rustic wooden furniture styles, designs, and pieces available on the market today.

Decorating with Rustic Wooden Furniture:

Rustic furniture items can be used to make the outdoor spaces of your home a little more interesting. For example, adorning the patio, garden and lawn with rustic furniture such as arbors, trellis pieces, and country benches will give the general décor of your home an accentuated flair, combined with a rustic country look.

For indoors, decorating with a few rustic furniture items by placing them in the right corners and areas of the house can lend your interior furnishings a classy look, but without overdoing it. For example, the fireplace would be an ideal location to place a few rustic furniture pieces such as a rocking chair, rustic fireplace mantel, etc.

Another great idea is to consider a rustic dining table for your porch, kitchen, dining room, or covered patio, combined with some traditional food and vegetables on the tabletop, where you and your guests or family can have a nice country style meal.

Innumerable options and designs are available when decorating your home with rustic wooden furniture pieces. Personal taste and style, along with current trends should be the main considerations if you plan to give your home décor a rustic furnishing makeover. Lampshades, wood floors, storage sheds, ceiling fans, cabinets, beds etc are all available in rustic furniture designs and pieces, so decide accordingly.

Taking Care of Rustic Wooden Furniture:

Here are a few important tips to maintain long-lasting and better-looking rustic wooden furniture.

- Use soft or a polish-moistened cloth to dust. This will prevent scratching of surfaces. Never use soap and water because they can penetrate the finish. This can raise grain on wood and lead to damage.

- Do not interchange oil-based and wax-based polishes that will result in streaky or cloudy appearance.

- Do not dry dust, which can result in microscopic scratches on surface.

- Use coasters for cups, vases and beverage glasses because certain types of liquid can damage the finish. Blot out any accidental spills immediately without rubbing surface.

- For rustic dining tables, always use protective pads under the hot dishes to avoid unwanted spots, and damage to the finish.

- Humidity should be kept as constant as possible because high humidity can cause wood to swell while low humidity can cause it to shrink because of moisture loss.

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