Rustic Furniture - A Contemporary Look

By: Aynsley Kindig

Rustic furniture started at the time of The Great Depression and other hard times in America as it was just logs, sticks and twigs assembled together to make a piece of art or furniture. At that time this was sought out as it was cheap and affordable, but soon it grew famous in the eyes of nature loving people. Some fine historic pieces are now available in the museum only and rustic furniture is now not only scarce, as it is made to order and not mass produced, but also expensive.

Rustic furniture is usually sought out for cottages, cabins, beach houses where people like the setting of a natural scenic beauty and like having furniture made from such natural materials. It is made from wood like hickory, cypress, cedar and pine wood and usually uses their naturally curved pieces of either stem, sticks, logs or root and to turn them into a naturally wonderful and artistic piece of furniture or art work. Most people love nature and like to be surrounded by such pieces at their homes also which gives their home a unique and artistic look. Since now it is regarded as very posh and classy to have such pieces, not everyone can afford it.

Rustic furniture is made in two ways: either you harvest or cut fresh sticks, or steam them to make them flexible enough to mould them into any shape desired by you or you just take matured sticks of various shapes and turn them into artistic pieces/ furniture using their natural shape and assemble them into structures we like. There is a lot of demand for rustic furniture in Northern America and Europe and people happily adorn their houses with it. They either decorate the whole house in this style or add a few pieces here and there to add its natural charm to the décor. Be it a chair, bookcase, bed, or even railing, rustic furniture is popular in every way.

Rustic furniture not only gives your home a look of nature but also a comfortable and cozy look. If you don't want it to be a part of your interior then the exterior part of your house, like your garden, patio, etc can be decorated elegantly too with such pieces. It also shows people that you are very interested in hand craft and impress people with your taste and love of nature. It adds a country look to your modern apartment or house and provides people to appreciate the true beauty of earth. It helps to create a less formal environment and the best part is that wood is strong and not easily broken, thus it is durable too.

There are a lot of designs of barnwood, log or root furniture available in the market now-a-days to choose from and a lot of designs can be custom made especially to choose the needs of the customer and to compliment the design of your house. There is nothing like an authentic piece of nature one can own!

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