Mexican Pine Furniture

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Mexicans are known for their rich history that embeds in a deep cultural pride that has come through ages and generations. One of their closely kept cultures is in the style of the furniture they use in the homes. More often than not you’ll hear someone comment on how they got an exquisite piece of furniture from Mexico, a jewel worth its prize. One of these ages old furniture is anything made from the Mexican pine. A choice of wood for typical Mexicans through the years, Mexican pine furniture is available in antique and sturdy pieces, both reproduces and authentic that carries with themselves the deep and strong Mexican culture. The Mexican pine furniture incorporates bits of the exquisite Mayan style, fine art from the Chinese billion year old architecture and some visible influence from the Spanish style masters. These easy to paint wood pieces, Mexican pine furniture comes in exciting colors that mostly will include the national red and green colors, blue, orange and generally bright colors that mirror the kind of life Mexicans exhibit. They come in rich adorns of ornaments borrowed from the Spanish style; tables will reflect the Mayan design while the they will be made of pure Mexican pine. The Mexican pine is especially good in making bedroom sets and dining tables as its finish is smooth and a delight to the eyes and it is always an easy buy when it is pine furniture. It is also relatively cheaper than most wood furniture making it a good choice in these hard economic times. Mexican pine being softwood is also fairly easier to work with compared to hardwoods. You can paint the pine furniture yourself and because it is light in color, the knots and grains come out much darker and clearer than the rest of the wood, giving it a fine flowing look. Pine furniture blends very well with other types of furniture, either wood or glass. It is therefore very easy to mix your pieces adding coziness to your room. It is ideal for English décor and resonates easily with any rustic touch. The light coloring of the Mexican pine also keeps armoires, beds, bookshelves and dressers from appearing stuffy and heavy and with the clearly showing knots and grains; it becomes very easy to do some artwork on it, either by stenciling or painting, giving it a personalized look. It is important however to note that every long lasting piece of furniture has to be well taken care of. Mexican pine furniture are no exception, and with pine being a softwood, it is important to take good care of it if it is to last. Knots that can possibly create weak links and holes should be watched out, while having too many knots, although artistic, can cause weaknesses. Pine furniture can also be easily scratched and dented and so care needs to be taken when handling the piece of furniture. With the right maintenance however, you can be sure that with a Mexican pine furniture, you have yourself a decade-long lasting piece of wood that you will live to relish.

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