How to Add Rustic Decor to Your Home - Log Furniture and More

Establishing continuity throughout your residence is the best advice one can receive when selecting rustic decor for their home. Adding log furniture brings the natural and peaceful feeling of a rural setting into a home, and allows one to create a style that will not be duplicated anywhere else. There are many shapes and sizes available, and the wood varieties range from the pale beauty of northern white cedar to the strength of unpeeled hickory.

Begin The Transformation In Living Areas

When most people decide to change the look and feel of their homes, they usually begin with the areas most used by family and friends. These areas generally include the living and dining rooms. Because refurnishing a home can be expensive, selecting the first key items will set the course for future additions. There is a wide assortment of log furniture to choose from, including lounge chairs, loveseats, sofas, futons, gliders and rockers, end tables, coffee tables, TV stands, entertainment centers, armoires, entry benches, bookcases, ottomans, and mirrors. Any of these items can be crafted from northern white cedar, knotty pine, Norway pine, hickory, oak, or aspen. All of these wood types offer natural appeal, strength, and flexibility. Deciding upon the wood one wants is a personal preference rather than a decision based upon how an item will perform under constant use, so feel free to indulge in creating the perfect setting.

Once one has selected their key items in the living room, begin working with the kitchen decor next. The reason for this is that in almost every culture, the kitchen is the less formal area where people converge to enjoy the warmth and companionship of their friends and loved ones. By redecorating this area with the charm of a rustic setting, one can create a comfortable place of enjoyment that will relax all who enter and provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Log furniture for the kitchen and dining area is made from the same types of wood as log furniture for the living room and offers the same structural integrity. The beauty of these wood varieties and the natural warmth they provide can be found in dining tables, pub tables, buffets and dinnerware cabinets, dining chairs, stools, and benches.

There Is More To Rustic Decor Than Just Log Furniture

As one becomes more comfortable with their new rustic decor, they can begin to branch out to other areas of their home, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. As with living and dining room furniture, it can be quite expensive to change every piece of bedroom furniture at the same time, so one might want to begin slowly by purchasing a new bed frame, a new dresser, wardrobe, mirror, or bedside table. If your wallet won't allow for an immediate upgrade because of the work you are doing in the other rooms, you can create a charming, rustic feel in your bedroom by adding rustic bedding to the existing furniture.

Comforters, pillow shams, throw pillows, bed sheets, pillowcases, and window dressings are just a few highlights that can assist an individual in transforming their bedroom into a comfortable haven. There are many rustic designs to choose from, including pink, green, and blue camouflage designs. Another highly sought-after theme is found in the lodge and animal scene category. This includes bears, moose, pinecones, cabin retreats, canoes, deer, dogs, ducks, elk, fish, wolves and specific areas of interest such as Northern Exposure and Yukon. Once one has decided upon their favorite design, it is easy to add bed sheets that come in neutral, workable colors that will complement their new comforter, pillow shams, and window dressings. Bed sheets also come in a variety of fabrics that include flannel and soft cotton.

Incorporating Log Furniture Into Bathroom Areas

When one is changing their home to reflect a warmer, rustic setting, it is important to remember the bathroom. To begin creating a rustic effect, a good place to start is with a log bathroom vanity as the bathroom's focal point. A log bathroom vanity comes in a range of styles that includes simple, detailed, and contemporary. The wood choices range from the pale beauty of northern white cedar to the indomitable strength of hickory. After one has chosen their log bathroom vanity style, one can add a copper sink and bathroom faucet to complete the rustic appearance. Other accessories that can enhance a log bathroom vanity are log mirrors, toilet paper holders, towel bars and hangers, and a rustic looking shower curtain. If one cannot begin with a log bathroom vanity, there are other accessories such as soap dishes, lotion pumps, tumblers, tissue box covers, waste paper baskets, and toothbrush holders that can add a rustic flavor to an existing vanity.

By establishing continuity to one's home, the options become endless for the development of a rustic style. Log furniture, a log bathroom vanity, and all of the other rustic accessories can become the foundation of a comfortable, well loved home.

Chris Harmen is a writer for JHE's Log Furniture Place. Enhancing your home with rustic decor begins with selecting log furniture as a design and includes a log bathroom vanity to complete the look.
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