Decorate Your Home With Southwest Rustic Furniture

By: Craig

Not only connected to the Mission style, southwest rustic furniture is indispensable to anyone wanting to give their home the flavor of the bunkhouse, cabin, or ranch. The cowboy was well familiar with the sturdy, rugged quality of this type of furniture, it was made by people who worked with their hands, but still understood comfort. The distinctive styling of southwest rustic furniture will transform any home into an old west haven.

There is hardly anyone in the United States, or in the whole world, who has not been fascinated by that period of our history known as the Old West. All calling to mind, of times long gone, are the romantic and dramatic vistas that seemed to stretch forever, the changing colors of the surroundings as the day progressed and the deep canyons and arroyos. Maybe the greatest fascination lies in the cowboy and the Native Americans. This was a unique time period in history, which causes us to remember the long dusty trail, the mountain hunt, the ranch and bunkhouse and a fierce independence and individuality.

These qualities and memories can be evoked in your home when you choose to decorate it with southwest rustic furniture. Furniture constructed of logs and poles will convey the southwest rustic furniture style the best. It will give anyone visiting a chance to experience the type of hospitality and neighborliness found in the southwest. Almost any piece of furniture you could want for your southwest decor is available in log pole, sofas, beds, dining sets and chairs. Using this type of furniture in conjunction with pieces of cow horn furniture and mission furniture can really create the southwest look you want.

Besides furniture built of logs, you can also find southwest rustic furniture made of antlers and horns. Literally nothing will bring the age of the cowboy and round up to your home like furniture made of cow horns. These unique pieces will look wonderful when combined with other rustic furniture styles and will add that distinctive touch of the southwest to your home. Chairs, sofas, benches, and tables constructed of the horns of cattle can be bought. These are sturdy pieces and are upholstered either in cowhide or upholstery featuring the geometric designs of the Native Americans. Antler furniture will bring the mountain cabin or the rustic ranch to mind. Accent pieces such as mirrors, chandeliers, lamps, hat racks, and wall sconces are all available as well as larger pieces of furniture with antlers. Unleash your creativity by decorating your southwest home with rustic furniture, creating a calming refuge from the world.

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